Devices and Books

Devices and Books

Returning School Resources

The last day for students to submit work is Monday, June 22nd.  As you complete the last pieces of work this week, please remember that any textbooks, library books or Chromebooks that were borrowed have to be returned to the school. 

We have a lot of resources signed out and it will take time to get them all back and cleaned up and ready for next year.  Please help us by bringing them back to the school as soon as you are finished.  It takes a fair bit of time to complete the cleaning protocol.

We would like everything returned to the building by Tuesday, June 23rd.  When you get to the school, call in to the main office and someone will come to the door to collect the items.

Thank you so much for your help with this process.  Have a great summer and we all look forward to having you back in class and in school in September.