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Inclement Weather Policy

Decisions regarding the suspension and resumption of practices or contests and/or travel to games/tournaments will be based on the following guidelines:

  1. In the event PRSD Transportation Department has cancelled busses in the area of Fairview High, no FHS school teams will be allowed to travel to or hold games or tournaments.
  2. In the event of weather where the Principal, Athletic Director, or Team Coach feels the weather is not conducive to safe travel, they shall cancel travel to away games.
  3. Parents have the rights to approach the Athletic Director or Team Coach with their concerns regarding the weather conditions. The Athletic Director and Team Coach are encouraged to take these concerns into account when making the decisions to travel.
  4. If a FHS team is stranded by a blizzard or severe weather while at a game or tournament. The team will stay in suitable accommodations while waiting out the storm. Decision to travel will always be based on the safety of all involved. Cost for these accommodations will first be deducted from the team's fees account, then the team's fundraising account, and then the school will be responsible for the rest.