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Practice Times and Games

Guidelines for Practice Times

All gym usage shall be booked through the Athletic Director.

The practice times for each team will be allotted by the Athletic Director with input from the individual coaches.

Coaches may request specific practice times. While all efforts will be made to accommodate requests, it shall be the priority of the Athletic Director to provide a practice schedule which is equitable to all teams in accordance with priorities.

League and exhibition games will occur during the teams practice times where possible. Arrangements may be made, through the Athletic Director, with other coaches to swap times so games may be played.

Any activity under way shall have priority over the following season of play (e.g. volleyball over basketball)

There must be a coach or teacher present at all practices and games.

The Athletic Director will create a practice schedule on a seasonal basis. Due to limited gym times, seasons will not overlap except in exceptional circumstances such as a team attending Provincials.

Coaches are encouraged to provide players and parents with individual copies of these schedules as they are available, and the Athletic Director shall place copies on his/her office door, as well as the respective locker rooms.