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The transportation for league, invitational, zone, and/or provincial events may be handled in two fashions at the discretion of the coach.

School Bus

  • The school division owned buses must be booked through the Office Manager.
  • The cost of using buses for transportation will be accounted for in the registration fee and will be paid out of the “Registration Fee Account” or the “Fundraising Account” for the individual team. The cost of using buses for events will be billed at the current rate charged by Peace River School Division Transportation Department.
  • Drivers must be registered with Peace River School District Transportation Department. Drivers will be paid at going rate for PRSD Transportation unless they volunteer their time.

Volunteer (Parent/Private) Vehicle

  • Players may not transport themselves to events outside of Fairview.
  • Family members older than 20 may transport other immediate family members to events.
  • Players may be transported to events by Registered Volunteer Drivers.
  • To become a registered Volunteer Driver, drivers must complete the PRSD Volunteer Driver Application and Declaration as well as the PRSD Pledge of Confidentiality and meet all requirements as stated on the form, including a Criminal Records Check, proof of valid insurance, registration, and driver’s license.
  • A record of the Registered Volunteer Drivers will be kept in a file cabinet in the office
  • Volunteer Driver forms are available from the school office or Athletic Director.
  • Volunteer vehicles used for games and tournaments will not be eligible for financial compensation from the school.

Further Reference:



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