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Joint Team Policy

Fairview High recognizes that there are times when adjacent schools may not be able to field a full roster of athletes in order to form a school team. In that circumstance, FHS will consider the students from these schools under the following guidelines:

  • Fairview High will consider forming teams with athletes from other schools under the ASAA guidelines, when the sending school is unable to form a school team on their own. (Schools that this policy may apply to are Fairview and Area Learning Store, St. Thomas More, Hines Creek Composite, Grimshaw Public School. Other schools could be considered based on circumstances)
  • A Joint Team will only be formed if the Athletic Director or Principal of the sending school approaches the FHS Athletic Director regarding sending athletes to Fairview High. Home Learners or their parents must also approach the FHS Athletic Director to become an FHS athlete.
  • Fairview High forms our teams within a very short period from the start of the Season of Play for the sport. Therefore, the Athletic Director from the sending school or Home Learning students must contact the FHS Athletic Director within one week of the start of the Season of Play.
  • No changes or additions to the roster of a team will be made after the team has held try outs and the team has been selected unless there are roster spots available.
  • The members of the Joint Team will be chosen based upon the criteria decided on by the coaching staff. This may include, but not be limited to, ability, attitude, and effort. The student’s school will not be a consideration in deciding if a player makes the team.
  • Homeschool Students (within the PRSD jurisdiction or outside the PRSD jurisdiction) will be considered for participation on a FHS team and will be chosen according to the guidelines outlined in the points above.
  • Homeschooling students who are asking to join FHS teams must come from within the catchment area of Fairview High School unless the school whose catchment area the student would normally attend is not fielding a team for that sport.
  • Players from a sending school or players who are home learners are not guaranteed roster spots on an FHS team.
  • Every effort will be made to create a JV or non-competitive teams when there are enough players available between all students trying out.
  • FHS may consider forming Joint Teams in Senior and/or Junior High under the guidelines as stated.